Throw the Bums Out


A Practical Political Plan for the People to Take Back America

A simple, easy-to-follow, three-point plan
to return control of this country to its citizens.
  • Vote against all incumbent politicians (with one exception)
  • Set two-term limits for all political offices
  • Elect only Politicians who have served second terms to higher office


The Vote Against Incumbent Politicians (VAIP) plan is the simplest and most practical political philosophy for reclaiming control of this government by the people. It exercises the citizen's right to vote and it will systematically eliminate incompetent and unworthy politicians from positions of power.

The approach works even for the politically illiterate. People do not have to keep abreast of current events and they don't have to be confused by slick last-minute, choreographed political campaigns.

All voters have to remember is to VAIP, unless they really come across one of the few honest, hard-working politicians in this country that are actually doing a good job, working for the good of the people, and deserving of another chance at it.

If a voter isn't absolutely sure about the quality of a candidate, the VAIP principle should always be applied. Admittedly, a few promising politicians may be lost in this process, but the approach will always work to get rid of the sleaze bags.

How Does it Work?

1. Vote against all incumbent politicians (VAIP 'em)

As a general policy, vote all politicians out of office, with one major exception. This approach will automatically stir the political pool until something more than scum rises to the top and we are able to identify people that are actually capable of doing a good job.

When there are no incumbents involved in an election, simply choose one of the candidates and give them a chance to prove themselves. They should view this as an opportunity to show the people what they are capable of doing. If they don't measure up, throw them out in the next election and give somebody else a chance.

The Exception:

If you actually find an honest, hard-working politician, one that is working for the good of the people and really supports the important issues, instead of just giving them lip service, vote to give them a second term in office.

These officials know that we're watching them and that unless they do an outstanding job we will be throwing them out of office in the next election.

2. Two term limits for all political offices

Two terms in any office is enough. Promising candidates should move on to more responsible positions. The others should consider other fields of endeavor.

The policy also keeps any single politician from establishing a large power base and should also prevent the rich and powerful, but unknown and unproven, from buying their way into public office with an expensive marketing campaign. Beware of the rich egomaniacs that are willing to spend millions to be elected to an office that pays under $300,000 a year.

3. Politicians who have served second terms should run for higher office

At the send of a successful second term in office good politicians, real representative of the people, should either run for a higher office or return proudly to private life after fulfilling their obligation of service to the community.

The politicians who work their way up the political ladder will gain experience and improve their skills at each new level. They will also distinguish themselves by demonstrating their abilities to handle each office.

If widely employed by American voters, this approach should result in a political system populated with capable, experienced and dedicated people at all levels of the hierarchy, from local school board members to the President of the United States.

By the time politicians work their way up to the major offices in the land they will have distinguished themselves at the lower levels. They will be familiar faces in the media, active participants in the communities they serve, have solid, verifiable political records and be well-known to the voters.

At the very least, it's got to be a better than a system that put someone like GW Bush in the White House.

The Voter's Responsibility

1. Vote in Every Election

Not just the presidential elections. Make the effort to exercise your vote. It is a precious and hard-won right. Don't neglect it. And don't let any sleaze bags slip into office in an off-year election that most people weren't even aware of.

2. Vote Against Incumbent Politicians (VAIP 'em)

People should always vote against incumbents unless they actually prove themselves, without a doubt, to be competent in their current office. A second term should be a rarity, an exception to the rule.

3 Actively watch for good candidates

Identify good politicians and help pass the word to friends and neighbors that these people are worth voting for. Employ Internet technologies to spread this information.

How do you know when a candidate is worthy of your vote?

It's easy. Good politicians, those worth electing for a second term, will be widely visible. They will be active in the community, supporting the issues that are best for America and the American way of life. They will be on TV and in the other media all year around, working for just causes and participating in community activities.

They will be honest, sincere and courageous enough to stand up against political pressures when supporting an issue that may be unpopular but one in which they believe. They will be intelligent enough to identify these issues and creative enough to offer innovative solutions to problems. In the case of Republicans, they will have the courage and convictions to reject their party's current leaders and vote for what's right for America, not just the party.

You will know about them. They will have a good reputation with the people. You will have heard their name, seen their face in the media. They won't just show up at election time in a series of expensive and choreographed television campaign commercials.

Let's take America back from the corrupt politicians and Throw the Bums Out!

This political policy will work only if a majority of Americans adopt it as common practice. So help spread the word!


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